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The Holography Conference

Invitation The Holography Conference  

I have received this exciting invitation but unfortunately I can´t attend due to other committments. However, this may be an opportunity for you to learn about the Nobel Prize´s Laser and Holography technique.

I would like to invite you to consider presenting at The Holography Conference, taking place from 15-16 November in Minsk, Belarus. The conference covers the latest applications, technologies and techniques in holography including:

  • The latest use of holograms in banknotes
  • Advances in passports and identity documents
  • Specification and integration of OVDs
  • New developments in brand authentications
  • Packaging and printing applications
  • Innovations in holographic origination and materials
  • Production techniques and technologies
  • Market opportunities and industry-wide issues
  • Complementary or competing technologies   (For larger picture click at the images)




































Imagine – if Press/Media had participated at one of all Holography Conference´s held around the world during the last 25 years!  In that case 70% “holograms” on internet would not have been faked holograms.


08 dec

Product logo HOLOGRAM copied

Product logo HOLOGRAM copied

Product logo HOLOGRAM copied. HoloMedia have used the product word with below product logo since 1980. A Swedish journalist has registered our product domain by adding ONE letter. The son´s music band is using the domain together with our copied product logo!


HoloMedia AB, company logotype symbolizing OUSTANDING – 3Dimensional pictures for art, exhibitions etc. When holography developed to become an interesting tool for the graphic industry and the use of embossed holograms, commercial and security holograms expanded mid 1980 and became a new dimension in printing, we changed the company logo. BUT we kept the product logo.                                          


Attract attention!

We kept the product logo as above and below, already used in many million tourist brochures, and at all our marketing materials for exhibitons, retailers, industrial companies, museums and other type of customers.  

Our well known product logo HOLOGRAM was copied by a Swedish journalist together with a music band by adding ONE letter! The journalist company registered the domain name not following the rules at the registration. Our domain – www.hologram.se – is describing our business since 1978.



This is the copied product logo. They added ONE letter at the end which helps all search engines to market them at every step HoloMedia makes. And it looks as if they copied our product logo by hand.They are misusing our 40 years marketing of the Nobelprized product HOLOGRAM as a Hologram Pioneer. The group benefits every day from intruding our business activities! We are protected in the branch they act in and with our two trademarks and 5 domain names the product word HOLOGRAM is essential.

There is no doupt that they were fully aware of how much they would gain by copying our product logo + domain name, adding ONE letter! 

The journalist and the leader of the group, claims to have done nothing wrong! When we had to do a lot of research to understand – who-is-who – since the domain was hidden in the journalist´s company, we recieved a written warning that our research could be a question of SLANDER!  

If it´s OK to add ONE letter at a well known established product name and copy the product logo, anyone could grab e.g. IKEA, as professor Hans Bjekhagen said recently! Add ONE letter and copy IKEA logo then claim – we are not in the same branch as IKEA – as the leader of the group claims together with the journalist!

Do you believe that the rules to register a domain is so sloppy that to be able to protect your well known domain, trade marks and 40 years of business activities, you would have to register as many domain names as the alphabet letters? 

Copying a 40 year old well known product logo
and an established domain name, is never OK!



30 jun

ÉLAN PRÉVITAL hologram Hans Weil Alvaron

Élan Prévital Hologram of a sculpture by Hans Weil Alvaron

The artpiece Élan Prévital Hologram seems to be in front of the glass plate´s surface. A pseudoscopic plaster sculpture was created by Hans Weil. It was recorded as a Denisyuk reflection hologram with the emulsion side facing the reference beam.

When on display, the hologram is turned around so that the image appears in front of the plate. The hologram comes with a poem by Hans Weil Alvaron.

Elan Prevital

ÉLAN PRÉVITAL                                         

No doubt it’s the Sun who is                                       
To be blamed for it all                                                  
Nobody ever called him forth                                   
To his rolling spot in                                                    
The Midst of the World      

The atoms were still a new breed                          
And the planets glowing brains                              
Where the Dream was germinating                     
Pouring through the birth agonies                                                                 

Out of its cradle of heat                                              
the dream flared up into other forms                 
that were not at home in flames:                          
tender forms but carried forth by a secret sign 
that would bestow them with power
to withstand the menace of
nothingness : Dream
mirroring the unforeseeable
appointed daybreak
biding the flower of multiplicity
as beyond an endless bridge
over the dark ocean of Time –
Élan Vital

Elan Prevital

Élan Prévital (1981) Limited edition signed by the artist Hans Weil-Alvaron. Silver halide on glass size 12” x 16” (30 x 40 cm) 10.000Sek. OBS hologrammet är delat – hela bilden syns utanför glasfilmen trots att det är ca 1 cm mellan de två delarna!

Hologram Pioneer artist Hans Weil-Alvaron with Dr Hans Bjelkhagen and Mona Forsberg at the opening of Hologram Museum/Gallery Drottninggatan Stockholm 1982.

The first hologram exhibition opened 1980 at AV Huset Hagagatan Stockholm. It moved 1982 to Drottninggatan and became the 4th permanent hologram exhibition with entrance fee. New York, London, Paris and now Stockholm.

Holos Gallery opened by Gary Zellerbach 1979 in San Fransisco for the purpose of displaying and selling holographic art.



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11 jun


Hologram Foundation grundat av hologram pionjär H Souparis


The Hologram Foundation established by Hugues Souparis, CEO of Surys, offers artists production grants. Having brought holograms onto our money and passports Souparis now wants to help artists create holograms for our homes:

After 35 years in the holography business, I want to help the visual artists who select holography as a primary media. I believe that holography remains one of the most “magic” mediums. Whenever the public is exposed to holograms they are fascinated. I want to helpartists to bring this fascination into the homes of art appreciators. (HoloCenter)

HoloCenter x

Så svaret på nedan rubrik, en intervju med en annan Hologram Pionjär,  blir att hologram är en vardagsprodukt, så klart. Var mans egendom, sedan länge. Betalkort, pass, körkort, parkeringstillstånd, sedlar med flera produkter har försetts med säkerhetshologram, några redan i från mitten av 80-talet.

Hologram – vardagsprodukt eller Science Fiction?


Mona Forsberg, svensk pionjär inom området hologram Intervju och bild Mai Ottoson

Med den holografiska tekniken kan man ta en bild utan att använda en fotografisk lins. En fototeknik utan kamera – laserljuset belyser föremålet. Ett vågmönster registreras i ett fotografiskt material. År 1971 fick Dennis Gabor nobelpriset för utvecklingen av hologramtekniken. Mona Forsberg upptäckte hologrammet på en utställning 1976 och har sedan dess arbetat med att hitta användningsområden. Hon har samarbetat med ett stort antal högteknologiska företag och även tillämpat den i sin verksamhet och producerat en mängd produkter. 

Läs Hologram-vardagsprodukt eller science fiction



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06 maj

Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd – till minne av

Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd – till minne av en Hologram Räv, enligt honom själv

Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd – till minne av – så många fina minnen om en hologram pionjär. Det var stort att få Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd som konstnär till Svenska Dagbladets beställning av ett hologram. Jag hade under flera år förmånen att förundras och beundra hans konstnärliga ideér under sommarvistelser i Torekov. Ofta över ett glas retsina.

Hologram CFR

Det är utomordentligt viktigt och intressant att kunna para ihop en humanitär angelägenhet, ett fredsbudskap, med en teknisk landvinning, sagt av konstnär Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd  

Non Violence Fredssymbol


Några år innan Fredssymbolen spreds runt om i världen, fick jag uppdraget att förse Svenska Dagbladets framtidsbilaga, 2000 med ett hologram. Jag vände mig då till Carl Fredrik som nämnde en idé han gärna ville förverkliga. Jag låter min modellbyggare i Italien ta fram en modell i skala 1:1. För att massproducera 325.000 självhäftande foliehologram, krävdes en modell till själva master-hologrammet i skala 1:1.  

SVD Följ med i framtiden

Signerad upplaga 100 ex Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd

En extra upplaga av 100 exemplar signerades av Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd

 Signerad bilaga 20 ex. Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd

Svenska Dagbladet var första dagstidning i världen 1986 att använda ett hologram.


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