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04 jan

Konstkalender Juli Hologram & Specialtryck

 Konstkalender Juli Hologram & Specialtryck

Väggkalender NATURA 1988. Varje månadsobjekt beskrivs med bild och teknik. Denna sida ingår oramad vid köp av hela kollektionen 12 st inramade 50×65 cm kalenderblad med silver metallram.

Klicka på länken Väggkalander Foliehologram med fotografier av Zanders

NATURA från Zanders 1988 är ett riktigt samlarexemplar oavsett om det gäller enskild månad eller hela kalendern.

Konstkalender Juli Hologram & Specialtryck

Konstkalender Natura Juli

08 dec

Product logo HOLOGRAM copied

Product logo HOLOGRAM copied

Product logo HOLOGRAM copied. HoloMedia have used the product word with below product logo since 1980. A Swedish journalist has registered our product domain by adding ONE letter. The son´s music band is using the domain together with our copied product logo!


HoloMedia AB, company logotype symbolizing OUSTANDING – 3Dimensional pictures for art, exhibitions etc. When holography developed to become an interesting tool for the graphic industry and the use of embossed holograms, commercial and security holograms expanded mid 1980 and became a new dimension in printing, we changed the company logo. BUT we kept the product logo.                                          


Attract attention!

We kept the product logo as above and below, already used in many million tourist brochures, and at all our marketing materials for exhibitons, retailers, industrial companies, museums and other type of customers.  

Our well known product logo HOLOGRAM was copied by a Swedish journalist together with a music band by adding ONE letter! The journalist company registered the domain name not following the rules at the registration. Our domain – www.hologram.se – is describing our business since 1978.



This is the copied product logo. They added ONE letter at the end which helps all search engines to market them at every step HoloMedia makes. And it looks as if they copied our product logo by hand.They are misusing our 40 years marketing of the Nobelprized product HOLOGRAM as a Hologram Pioneer. The group benefits every day from intruding our business activities! We are protected in the branch they act in and with our two trademarks and 5 domain names the product word HOLOGRAM is essential.

There is no doupt that they were fully aware of how much they would gain by copying our product logo + domain name, adding ONE letter! 

The journalist and the leader of the group, claims to have done nothing wrong! When we had to do a lot of research to understand – who-is-who – since the domain was hidden in the journalist´s company, we recieved a written warning that our research could be a question of SLANDER!  

If it´s OK to add ONE letter at a well known established product name and copy the product logo, anyone could grab e.g. IKEA, as professor Hans Bjekhagen said recently! Add ONE letter and copy IKEA logo then claim – we are not in the same branch as IKEA – as the leader of the group claims together with the journalist!

Do you believe that the rules to register a domain is so sloppy that to be able to protect your well known domain, trade marks and 40 years of business activities, you would have to register as many domain names as the alphabet letters? 

Copying a 40 year old well known product logo
and an established domain name, is never OK!


20 jul

HoloMedia Sweden since -84

HoloMedia Sweden – Domain & Product logo copied

HoloMedia Sweden changed 1984 to this company logo but had for years used a special product logo.HoloMedia nya logo 2

The PRODUCT logo below was the same for all kind of holograms since 1980. Hologram Art- Hologram Portrait- Security Hologram -Hologram Gifts- etc. And for hundreds of Hologram Exhibitions with agreements, framing instruction, hologram information, pricelists and so on.

The product logo was always used for advertising, fairs, hologram folders, custom made holograms for companies, display holograms and embossed holograms – commercial/security. Always the same product word with above logo. Our product logo have reached millions of contacts. HoloMedia´s Product Logo Copied by a Musicband

HoloMedia´s product logo was copied 2012 by a Music Band. They also registered our domain via a journalist mother’s company by adding one letter, S. The search engines “finds” the copied domain every time hologram.se is blogging. Great benefits for the band with the strange name Jormungandr Handelsbolag!

Below is the copied (by hand?) product logo, maybe from one of all our folders/papers at exhibtions and fairs. 

We protested, a clear case of copyright infringement. But not according to the music band. Claiming to have the right to use the product word. Which also the journalist claimed! 

The music band has used our product logo in their marketing of concerts and CD launching. Claiming they haven´t done anything wrong! 

Experts have another opinion, so we tried to make a good deal for them. Instead of co-operating they mailed: don´t contact us again. 


The registered domain, holograms.se, is “hidden” in the mothers company. She warned us for having done a research – who-is-who, said it could be considered as slander.

Checked with the Journalist Ass. who said: it´s never slander to do research. And it´s not slander to describe a true, but odd situation at a blogg. Also checked with editors and they have said the same: it´s not slander to tell the truth – the proof above talks for it self – they have copied our product logo! 

05 mar

HoloMedia Sweden Nr.1

The first HoloMedia company in the world founded 1984

HoloMedia Sweden Nr.1 in the world since it was founded already 1984. The name has been copied in many countries since then.

HoloMedia Sweden has arranged hundreds of hologram exhibitions as Hologram Museum/Gallery. Lasting from 1 month to many years. See referencelist of exhibitions Referenslista utställningar

Luna Kulturhus

Arrange a small exhibition with holograms for education at your school. Above display with different types of holograms is available from 2.500 SEK. Teach how to produce holograms with HOLO KIT. Standard  1.300 SEK with 30 hologram plates.  Foto Mona Forsberg

Färghologram – se hologramplåten och godiset – ingen skillnad! Foto Litiholo

Hologram Kit gör egna hologram Litiholo

20 feb

HoloMedia Sweden since 1984


HoloMedia Sweden since 1984 – founded by Mona Forsberg.  She started to work with holography already 1978 as a consultant for the Swedish holography scientists. And built a large contact net around the world as an agent for hologram producers employed as airline crew. From commercial to security holograms as agent for hologram producers.

See references of custom made works from display and art holograms to security holograms. Click at the link here Referenslista Föret


The Royal Treasure of Stockholm

Embossed hologram reproduced 3 times for The Royal Treasure of Stockholm. A model of the Sovereign´s crown was used for the production. The foil hologram, 70×70 mm,  sold in a giftbag with text about the Swedish Royal Crown.

Reflection hologram 30×40 cm of the Swedish Royal Crown produced at The Royal Treasure of Stockholm. The crown was made for the coronation of Erik XIV in 1561. HoloMedia AB in co-operation with Lasergruppen Holovision AB. The edition 20 glass holograms were sold to museums and collectors around the world.

Lenticular print invitation card for Astellas in 2 languages. One of many custom made productions.

Hologram Exhibitions. See some of all exhibitions, click at the link Hologramutställningar 100tal

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