20 maj

The Holography Conference

Invitation The Holography Conference  

I have received this exciting invitation but unfortunately I can´t attend due to other committments. However, this may be an opportunity for you to learn about the Nobel Prize´s Laser and Holography technique.

I would like to invite you to consider presenting at The Holography Conference, taking place from 15-16 November in Minsk, Belarus. The conference covers the latest applications, technologies and techniques in holography including:

  • The latest use of holograms in banknotes
  • Advances in passports and identity documents
  • Specification and integration of OVDs
  • New developments in brand authentications
  • Packaging and printing applications
  • Innovations in holographic origination and materials
  • Production techniques and technologies
  • Market opportunities and industry-wide issues
  • Complementary or competing technologies   (For larger picture click at the images)




































Imagine – if Press/Media had participated at one of all Holography Conference´s held around the world during the last 25 years!  In that case 70% “holograms” on internet would not have been faked holograms.


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