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Holographic Icons Patent for Smartphones

Holographic Icons Patent for Smartphones

Holographic icons for future Smartphones – Samsung is exploring – after meetings and a tests with us?


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TechTimes  future-samsung-smartphones-might-feature-holographic-icons

AndroidGuys http://www.androidguys.com/2015/08/26/could-holograms-be-samsungs-secret-weapon-in-the-smartphone-war/


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Telecompaper August 2015 Samsung seeks US patent for hologram Phone technology Read the article:

The US Patent Office recently published a patent application from Samsung depicting a smartphone capable of displaying holographic icons and/or a hologram, reports Patently Mobile. A cross-sectional view illustrates the device capable of displaying a hologram. The phone includes a screen with a light guide member above it, an entrance optical member on a surface of the light guide member, and an image hologram on the surface of the light guide member, spaced apart laterally from the entrance optical member. A holographic image stored in the image hologram is displayed above the light guide member when an area of screen corresponding to the entrance optical member emits a light. The patent was applied for in the third quarter of 2014 and it is unknown when such a product would come to market. 

SonyEricsson Hologram Mobil

Display Sony Ericsson Lund Sweden Photo Mona Forsberg

Sony Ericsson contacted HoloMedia AB September 2005. In October HoloMedia signed a 5 pages agreement, non disclosure of confidential information for a period of 5 years. HoloMedia involved a group of holographers, whom we had worked with before. The projects goal, at that time, wasn´t possible to achieve.

SonyEricsson agreement (2)

Another very interesting project for HoloMedia as an agent for De La Rue Holographics, was to deliver security holograms for Ericssons mobile batteries during the hole 90´s. If your Ericsson battery didn´t last long, the security hologram wasn´t there. You had got one of many faked batteries!


18 aug

Hologram Air Jordan & Nike

Hologram Air Jordan & Nike

Hologram Air Jordan & Nike har ca 33 modeller under produktordet Hologram. 

Barrons hologram Jordan retro 3D hologram greenish not reddish as fakes have.

Så marknadsför man dom olika modellerna för att bevisa att dom är äkta – inte kopior. Med små foliehologram detaljer, fungerar produktordet hologram både som eye-catch och sigill, ett slags äkthetsintyg. Såvida det är sigillen med folier är specialgjorda, förstås. Nätets alla “säkerhetshologram” är inte unika, då vem som helst kan beställa en rulle foliehologram med olika standardmotiv.

Dessvärre marknadsförs även standardmotiven som säkerhetshologram/sigill.

Och så har vi Nike hyperflight hologram rare. Här är det hologramfolie, regnbågshologram, ett standardmaterial.



10 maj

Hologram Stamp Collection

Hologram Stamp Collection Holography Philately

Hologram Stamp Collection AUCTION 20 -22 May 2015 London

 Spink The Philatellic Collector´s series
On May 21, 2015, a unique Hologram Stamp Collection will be sold at a SPINK auction in London. It is a complete collection of postage stamp with holograms issued worldwide. www.spink.com
Holography and Philately
The collection is described by professor, holographer Hans Bjelkhagen. Read more about the book, Holography and Philately, Postage Stamps with Holograms (XLIBRIS 2014) Stamp Book Hans Bjelkhagen
Postage Stamps with holograms
Hologram Stamp Collection 3
The collection contains stamps, souvenir sheets and FDCs, FDCs with cachet holograms. And 2 rare Chinese Albums, errors, missing holograms on stamp, etc. See List of Hologram Stamp Collection FOR-SALE
Hologram Stamp Collection 2
This collection represents most likely the most comprehensive collection of postage stamps and souvenir sheets with holograms. As well as other items such as for example FDCs with cachet holograms. January 2015

20 apr

High Security Printing Industry

High Security Printing Industry

The winners of the best banknote & ID document was revealed in Budapest 23 – 25 March, Reconnaissance International Holography

250 delegates from 40 countries, 11 Central Banks, 40 Government Agencies at the Annual Event that focuses on Currency, ID Cards, E-passports, Visas, Vehicle Licencies,,,, 40 specialist providers showed the latest innovations in high security printing features and technologies. Picture Hotel Corinthia


The Regional Banknote of the Year Award was presented to the National Bank of Poland for its 20 Zloty note with embossed hologram. Picture Reconnaissanceromanian-identity-card-400

The Regional ID Document of the Years Award went to Romanian Ministry of Administration and Interior (fingerprints, laser engraving) Picture Reconnaissance

Next High Security Printing Industry at Bella Center Denmark April 22, 2015 Intergraf represents 24 National Printing Federations in 21 countries in Europe.

One of the participants at Bella Center, NFC Swedish National Forensic Centre established January 2015. SKL (Statens Kriminaltekniska Laboratorium Linköping, transferred to NFC.

Some of our experience at SKL – here investigating security holograms before all technical tests. Foto Mona Forsberg


11 jan

High Security Printing

High Security Printing

Hight Security Printing Reconnaissance International

 High Security Printing – Industry Awards Highlight the Best in the Region From the industry for the industry

High Security Printing conference at Makati Shangri-La Manila 


Peru and Sotchi The Winners of Regional Banknote 2014

sochi-banknote (1)

The Russian Sochi banknote is the first ever issued to mark the Winter Olympic Games. It is the first time that the Bank has used a vertically-orientated design, chosen to emphasise the uniqueness of the Sochi region, which combines the proximity of mountains and warm sea. A total of 20 million pieces have been put into circulation including a holographic patch, polymer thread (changes image) and several other security featuresHigh Security Printing Reconnaissance International


Fijis New Flora and Fauna banknotes (designers and printer De La Rue) winner 2013


Casa de Moneda de Chile for New Chilean Drivers Licence. Several complex details e.g. a Kinegram with a relief Laser printed feature Winner 2014


The new South African national identity card, winner 2013, is not only regarded as state-of-the-art, security technology that will raise the level of identity management in South Africa. But also as a restorer of common citizenship to a nation that was, not so long ago, racially divided by ID documents from the apartheid-era. Laser-engraved variable data, two kinds of optical security, luminescence, a second photo on the back, an embedded microchip, and two bar codes (one of which is for voting purposes). The card is also seen as a major step towards cleaning up a national population register that harbours thousands of duplicate ID numbers. High Security Printing Reconnaissance International


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