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Holographic Icons Patent for Smartphones

Holographic Icons Patent for Smartphones

Holographic icons for future Smartphones – Samsung is exploring – after meetings and a tests with us?


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TechTimes  future-samsung-smartphones-might-feature-holographic-icons

AndroidGuys http://www.androidguys.com/2015/08/26/could-holograms-be-samsungs-secret-weapon-in-the-smartphone-war/


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Telecompaper August 2015 Samsung seeks US patent for hologram Phone technology Read the article:

The US Patent Office recently published a patent application from Samsung depicting a smartphone capable of displaying holographic icons and/or a hologram, reports Patently Mobile. A cross-sectional view illustrates the device capable of displaying a hologram. The phone includes a screen with a light guide member above it, an entrance optical member on a surface of the light guide member, and an image hologram on the surface of the light guide member, spaced apart laterally from the entrance optical member. A holographic image stored in the image hologram is displayed above the light guide member when an area of screen corresponding to the entrance optical member emits a light. The patent was applied for in the third quarter of 2014 and it is unknown when such a product would come to market. 

SonyEricsson Hologram Mobil

Display Sony Ericsson Lund Sweden Photo Mona Forsberg

Sony Ericsson contacted HoloMedia AB September 2005. In October HoloMedia signed a 5 pages agreement, non disclosure of confidential information for a period of 5 years. HoloMedia involved a group of holographers, whom we had worked with before. The projects goal, at that time, wasn´t possible to achieve.

SonyEricsson agreement (2)

Another very interesting project for HoloMedia as an agent for De La Rue Holographics, was to deliver security holograms for Ericssons mobile batteries during the hole 90´s. If your Ericsson battery didn´t last long, the security hologram wasn´t there. You had got one of many faked batteries!

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