06 Jul

FIFA World Cup Secure Holographic Labels

De La Rue has produced secure holograms for FIFA since 2006

De La Rue has produced over 120 million secure holograms for 2018 FIFA World Cup. All licensed merchandise products have a highly secure label to protect against counterfeit goods. Fans can be confident that the product they buy is genuine, as football stickers, clothing and souvenir items for FIFA World Cup Russia.

Read the whole article from De La Rue:

click at this link These secure labels are easy to recognise and validate to check the product is not a fake

Photo De La Rue

To read more about De La Rue, the worlds largest security printer, click here De La Rue

David Boswell and Peter Caird from Amblehurst Ltd and Cablebook Ltd with their agent Mona Forsberg HoloMedia AB, agent for De La Rue from 1986. Photo M Forsberg

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