20 jul

HoloMedia Sweden since -84

HoloMedia Sweden – Domain & Product logo copied

HoloMedia Sweden changed 1984 to this company logo but had for years used a special product logo.HoloMedia nya logo 2

The PRODUCT logo below was the same for all kind of holograms since 1980. Hologram Art- Hologram Portrait- Security Hologram -Hologram Gifts- etc. And for hundreds of Hologram Exhibitions with agreements, framing instruction, hologram information, pricelists and so on.

The product logo was always used for advertising, fairs, hologram folders, custom made holograms for companies, display holograms and embossed holograms – commercial/security. Always the same product word with above logo. Our product logo have reached millions of contacts. HoloMedia´s Product Logo Copied by a Musicband

HoloMedia´s product logo was copied 2012 by a Music Band. They also registered our domain via a journalist mother’s company by adding one letter, S. The search engines “finds” the copied domain every time hologram.se is blogging. Great benefits for the band with the strange name Jormungandr Handelsbolag!

Below is the copied (by hand?) product logo, maybe from one of all our folders/papers at exhibtions and fairs. 

We protested, a clear case of copyright infringement. But not according to the music band. Claiming to have the right to use the product word. Which also the journalist claimed! 

The music band has used our product logo in their marketing of concerts and CD launching. Claiming they haven´t done anything wrong! 

Experts have another opinion, so we tried to make a good deal for them. Instead of co-operating they mailed: don´t contact us again. 


The registered domain, holograms.se, is “hidden” in the mothers company. She warned us for having done a research – who-is-who, said it could be considered as slander.

Checked with the Journalist Ass. who said: it´s never slander to do research. And it´s not slander to describe a true, but odd situation at a blogg. Also checked with editors and they have said the same: it´s not slander to tell the truth – the proof above talks for it self – they have copied our product logo! 


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