05 mar

HoloMedia Sweden Nr.1

The first HoloMedia company in the world founded 1984

HoloMedia Sweden Nr.1 in the world since it was founded already 1984. The name has been copied in many countries since then.

HoloMedia Sweden has arranged hundreds of hologram exhibitions as Hologram Museum/Gallery. Lasting from 1 month to many years. See referencelist of exhibitions Referenslista utställningar

Luna Kulturhus

Arrange a small exhibition with holograms for education at your school. Above display with different types of holograms is available from 2.500 SEK. Teach how to produce holograms with HOLO KIT. Standard  1.300 SEK with 30 hologram plates.  Foto Mona Forsberg

Färghologram – se hologramplåten och godiset – ingen skillnad! Foto Litiholo

Hologram Kit gör egna hologram Litiholo


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