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Tax Stamp Forum

 Tax Stamp Forum 

Excellence in Tax Stamps Awards

The winners and runners-up were revealed at a special ceremony during the Tax Stamp Forum, which took place on 16 September in Dubai in front of 220 delegates.


Best Design 2014:

Mauritius Revenue Authority for their implementation of tax stamps on alcohol Products

The runner-up for Best Design was AM-PG for Armenia’s tax stamps

Best New Innovation 2014: AM-PG for VeroCode for Armenia’s tax stamps OpSec Security and Xerox for their digital cigarette stamps for the State of Michigan. The runners-up were Atlantic Zeiser (BrandTracker  Track and Trace System) and Hologram Industries (Optical Smart Solutions)

Best Tax Stamp Programme Kenya Revenue Authority for their Excisable Goods Management System

The runner-up was OpSec Security and Xerox (State of Michigan) Pictures and text from Reconnaissance Tax Stamp Forum


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