14 maj

ABBA tour Peppers Ghost

Peppers Ghost video technique will help ABBA touring

ABBA tour Peppers Ghost, will use the famous old “feel-good-music” plus some new songs in the digital projection said by Görel Hanser, of the ABBA members in the show by using video. More exciting however, for me and many ABBA lovers, will be to enjoy Mama Mia “follow up film”. 

Meanwhile Press/Media hopefully – finally – will stop fake news about the ABBA Tour which of course has nothing to do with Hologram nor Holography. Picture Hellenic Institute of Holography.

Take a few minutes to find out for yourself, click here http://www.hih.org.gr/en.html

Professor Hans Bjelkhagen can confirm that projection techniques are NOT holograms. Also his colleague at Hellenic Institute of Holography, Alk. Lembessis who have started a protest campaign. Here Hans Bjelkhagen with one of the founder of Google, Mr Sergey Brin when Hans held a seminar about the Nobelprized Lasertechnique Holography (Hologram) which he has been developing since 1969. Photo Hans Bjelkhagen

Photo Mona Forsberg of a Peppers Ghost show at ABBA the Museum

Why does Press/Media continue to write articles about different projection techniques which have nothing to do with hologram nor holography? And why do they ignore what Görel Hanser says in the interview – a digital projection

Click here, digital projection technique OldandmodernPepper’sGhost

Companies are paying for advert of  “hologram and holography” at Googles. But app. 70% “hologram adverts” at Google are NOT Holograms! 

LED displays, cubes with projected pictures, shows of dead or alive persons, produce own with iphones and so on, are PROJECTION TECHNIQUES – NOT HOLOGRAMS NOR HOLOGRAPHY


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