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HoloMedia Sweden since 1984


HoloMedia Sweden since 1984 – founded by Mona Forsberg.  She started to work with holography already 1978 as a consultant for the Swedish holography scientists. And built a large contact net around the world as an agent for hologram producers employed as airline crew. From commercial to security holograms as agent for hologram producers.

See references of custom made works from display and art holograms to security holograms. Click at the link here Referenslista Föret


The Royal Treasure of Stockholm

Embossed hologram reproduced 3 times for The Royal Treasure of Stockholm. A model of the Sovereign´s crown was used for the production. The foil hologram, 70×70 mm,  sold in a giftbag with text about the Swedish Royal Crown.

Reflection hologram 30×40 cm of the Swedish Royal Crown produced at The Royal Treasure of Stockholm. The crown was made for the coronation of Erik XIV in 1561. HoloMedia AB in co-operation with Lasergruppen Holovision AB. The edition 20 glass holograms were sold to museums and collectors around the world.

Lenticular print invitation card for Astellas in 2 languages. One of many custom made productions.

Hologram Exhibitions. See some of all exhibitions, click at the link Hologramutställningar 100tal


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