02 sep

Hologram in the Market War

Hologram in the Market War

Hologram in the Market War – How to market a Bicycle as a Car!

Learn from HologramUSA who registered the name Hologram for their 2D videoprojection Peppers Ghost technique! Check here what they are marketing Peppers Ghost Wikipedia which has nothing to do with the Nobelprized Lasertechnique Holography and the product Hologram! 

So just pick out a high value product word and market whatever you wish to sell at internet. TV companies, Press, Media will market the faked product, research what-it-is, doesn´t excist!

3D-holomedia  untitledHolomedia

Or do as companies in England, and in many countries, copy an old company name (as HoloMedia in Sweden from 1984) specialized in a field with a special product. Start to free ride the company who have been marketing the product with high costs over 40 years via Swedish Hologram Museum/Gallery and HoloMedia.

Peppers Ghost ABBA Photo Mona Forsberg

Learn from B. Field and all the others, how they have managed to market hologram which is NOT hologram! The shooting of people is Peppers Ghost, 2D video projection but sold as 3D Hologram and Holographic.

Bild Illustrerad Vetenskap

It´s no problem to sell your product using another product word. Learn from the projection technique, Peppers Ghost and other projections. Also watch and learn from all faked holograms of dead people – all are Peppers Ghost!


This is 2D Peppers Ghost technique, video projection – market as holograms and holographic Photo Mona Forsberg



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