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29 sep

Holography Produce own holograms

Hologram Kit for schools 

education about light, laser, optic and hologram!

Holography Produce own holograms with a special Hologram Kit

A historic hologram of professor Nick Philips is used in this demonstration. 

Michael Jackson, Tupac and Star War has nothing to do with holography. And are of course not holograms since they are 2Dimensional computer animated  videoprojections, called Peppers Ghost.

Hur gör man Hologram?                                                                                           copyright Lasergruppen Holovision HoloMedia AB

What is hologram?  Click here https://hologram.se/vad-ar-hologram/

10 Dec

Hologram Kit

Hologram Kit

Hologram Kit – Produce own holograms. Go to the video Kickstarter and check out how it´s possible.


The difference between the object and the hologram is so subtle.  Photo Litiholo

Kickstarter video watch this and support Litiholo.

How to Make Holograms

Full-color hologram kit. The Litiholo Full-Color Hologram Kit is finally officially here. This has been a long process, but it has turned out far better as a result. We now have a great source for the green and blue lasers, adding to the reliable holographic-quality red lasers that have made our regular Hologram Kit so successful. 

In addition, we designed a new color combining optical path for the full-color reflection hologram set-up that is very effective, but keeps the hologram-making process simple, even for full-color holograms.  And last but not least, we’ve added a full step-by-step Owner’s Manual for making both transmission and reflection full-color holograms. Litiholo

Hologram Kit

Full-color hologram kit Photo Litiholo

The Full-Color Hologram Kit has everything you need to make your own full-color holograms for $329. That includes Red, Green, and Blue holographic-quality laser systems, high-quality color combining optics, and our full-color sensitive Litiholo “Instant Hologram” Film (20 plates).

If you already have our standard Hologram Kit, you can upgrade to making full-color holograms with our Full-Color Hologram Upgrade Kit for $229.

Thank you for being part of the hologram community.  I think you are going to really enjoy making your own full-color holograms. Paul Litiholo


(The holograms HoloMedia have are converted to a new hologram so it can be visible in white light. With the Hologram Kit you produce holograms visible in laser light). Photo Litiholo

Not only a hologram kit for production of laser transmission holograms but they are also in full colour! 

This is cool – he says at the video. Check for yourself! 

The same way to produce holograms since our holography courses at Hologram Gallery Stockholm 1982 – 1995 with a big difference that today you can have full colour holograms. At our courses we mostly produced reflection holograms visible in white light. Check this video for a short lesson how to produce a full colour hologram.

For more information got to Litiholo here http://www.litiholographics.com/index.html

Pictures Litiholo

12 jul

Bill Nye Holograms

Holograms are fully threedimensional UNLIKE all projections which are 2-dimensional as Peppers Ghost!

Watch YouTube Bill Nye explains what a hologram is  by Rafi Schwartz


Bill Nye explains how a hologram is made – TRUE Holograms (Nobelprized Lasertechnique Holography)

 Peppers Ghost – a projection technique (not hologram)

Bill Nye mention princess Leia from Star Wars – which of course isn´t  a hologram. Leia is a projection, an old technique from 1700 called Peppers Ghost. CNET Anthony Domanico, wrote May 2, 2015: Nye explains what holograms are, how they’re made and why we don’t yet have fully three-dimensional holograms,,,


BUT we have fully threedimensional holograms since 1971 when Dennis Gabor was awarded with the Nobelprize for the lasertechnique holography. Photo Wikipedia 

ABBA-projicering     ABBA gruppen – Peppers Ghost projection technique Photo Mona Forsberg


       Hair – lenticular print

Wikipedia about Holography: Holography should not be confused with lenticular and other earlier autostereoscopic 3D display technologies, which can produce superficially similar results but are based on conventional lens imaging. Stage illusions such as Pepper’s Ghost and other unusual, baffling, or seemingly magical images are also often carelessly called holograms.  

09 mar

Hologram Holography Holographic Lasertechnique

Hologram Holography Holographic Laser technique

Make your own hologram with a Hologram Kit, Holography and Holographic Laser technique



photo-little.jpgFull Color Hologram Kit





Alla bilder Litiholo. Även den svagaste lasern ska man undvika att utsätta ögonen för!

06 jun

Hur fungerar hologram?

Hur fungerar hologram?

Hur fungerar hologram, 12, 13 

Hur gör man hologram? Transmissionshologram Vykort Copyright Hologram Museum/Gallery Mona Forsberg

Hur gör man hologram? Reflektionshologram Vykort Copyright Hologram Museum/Gallery Mona Forsberg


Multiplexhologram, intergralhologram är en slags stereobild men ett hologram. Bild MIT Museum

Det mest kända är KISS av fysiker, holograf Lloyd Cross, som utvecklade multiplextekniken.

Polisbilen körde nedför Drottninggatsbacken, backade, körde ner, backade, körde ner igen,,,Vi undrade förstås vem poliserna jagade, tills vi förstod! 

Det var Kiss i Hologram Gallery´s fönster. Multiplexhologrammet med en slängkyss och en blinkning  varje gång polisbilen passerade hologrammet.

 12) Multiplex hologram Tracy V. Wilson



På med dom gamla pappersglasögonen från 80-talet. En röd och blå lins lurar hjärnan och ger en illusion av 3D bild!

På med dom gamla pappersglasögonen från 80-talet. En röd och blå lins lurar hjärnan och ger en illusion av 3D bild! 


Dennis Gabor invented holograms in 1947. He was attempting to find a method for improving the resolution of electron microscopes. However, lasers, which are necessary for creating holograms, were not invented until 1960. Gabor used a mercury vapor lamp, which produced monochrome blue light and filters make his light more coherent. Gabor won the Nobel Prize in Physics for his invention in 1971.

13) Mer information

Building a Display Holography System

MIT Media Lab: Holographic Video


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