05 nov

Holograms How holograms are made

How are REAL holograms made?

Holograms How holograms are made. Watch this video from Holographic Studio New York and listen to Dr. Laser, holographer Jason Sapan

You will see how far away this Nobelprized lasertechnique, holography is from the computer animated projected film, called Peppers Ghost. ABBA, Tupac, Michael Jackson and many other famous artist will perform as Peppers Ghost, a 2Dimensional video projection. A REAL hologram is a 3Dimensional picture.


The milk package PYRAMID HOLOGRAM from Tekniska Museet Stockholm (The Technical Museum) is of course not about hologram. Surprised to find this advert from a museum who have had several Hologram Exhibtions from HoloMedia. Photo Patric Lindén

They should be aware of that a hologram is produced with LASER. The Technical Museum successfully sold hologram products in the museum shop for many years. As the agent for the hologram producing companies of hologram gifts, we haven´t forgot The Technical Museum as a very serious customer!



But, obviously someone has forgotten to check up what a hologram is! A technical museum learning kids and milk users how to produce a hologram which is not a hologram, it´s embarrassing,,, 

Here you can learn how a hologram is made!  

http://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holografi   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holography 

Här kan du se skillnaden mellan ett Hologram och ett fotografi.


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