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Playboy Hologram Portrait Donna

Playboy Hologram Portrait, Laser Portrait

Playboy Hologram Portrait of Donna Edmundson, Playmate of the Year 1987 Playboy. Hugh Hefner ordered some hologram portraits of Donna with a technique developed by Swedish scientists. The first white light Hologram Portraits in the World

Donna Playboy 2

3 pictures in one – Donna Edmundson

Donna Playboy

The Playboy hologram was produced with a pulsed laser and is today a collector piece on glass 32×43 cm, with a metal frame in gold 50×60 cm, 15.000SEK. Unframed 10.000SEK. Including VAT, excluding transport cost. ONLY 2 holograms available.

The photo of the hologram doesn´t show correct colours. The portrait is very realistic with  a depth of some 20 cm where Donnas hair and hand, are sticking out of the holographic plate.

Donna .87

Donna Edmondson had obtained her real estate license right before becoming a Playmate. Her high school yearbook named her Most Likely to Become a Bunny. Played first base on her high school softball team. Born 1966 in North Carolina where she still lives with husband and 3 children. Photo Richard Fegley, Stephen Wayd

Playboy 3D

Playboy have not only used the lasertechnique holography for some hologram portraits but have also used stereoscopic technique. Using glasses with red and blue colours the brain fooles you that it´s 3D, though it´s 2D, stereo!

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