14 maj

Optische Fenomenen Hologram HoloMedia Sweden

HoloMedia AB Sweden provided several Newsletters
from Optische Fenomenen with a custom made hologram

May 13, 2020 we recieved this mail with a copy of an early issue 1988: Dear Mona, Please find my writings about the sculpture of CFR and your hologram with the non-violence. As you will see we had already contact with each other in 1988.  And now I have my number 395 of the newsletter Optische Fenomenen and my blog. In fact we started a correspondens already in August 1987! (For larger picture, click at the image)

Optische Fenomenen 1988 with custom made hologram Non Violence Artist Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd HoloMedia AB Sweden

Hologram Non Violence

Optische Fenomenen August 1988 with Non Violence Hologram Artist Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd HoloMedia AB Sweden

SAAB hologram Agent HoloMedia AB Sweden

SAAB hologram Agent HoloMedia AB Sweden (Saab logotype produced by artist Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd)

Stockholm Water Festival Agent HoloMedia AB Sweden

Stockholm Water Festival Artist Lasse Åberg Agent HoloMedia AB Sweden

80th Anniversary Swedish workers Union Agent HoloMedia Sweden

80th Anniversary Swedish Workers Union HoloMedia AB Sweden

Flygt Amblehurst/De La Rue Agent HoloMedia AB Sweden

Flygt Hologram Amblehurst/De La Rue Agent HoloMedia AB SwedenWe have editions of Optische Fenomenen Newsletter from 1988. Above are a few of our customers  embossed holograms produced by Amblehurst/De La Rue for HoloMedia AB Sweden since 1984.

07 maj

Spegelstenen Kultbok med hologram

Spegelstenen från 80 talet Kultbok i holografi-världen

Spegelstenen Kultbok med hologram från originalboken Mirrorstone

Spegelstenen Richard Seymor, Michawl Palin & Alan Lee Jonathan Cape Ltd

Värmepräglat hologram på omslaget Spegelstenen

Originalboken the Mirrostone publicerades 1986 med hologram som med direkt ljus framträder tredimensionellt på dom konstnärliga sidorna. En suverän bilderbok av Alan Lee, Richard Seymor och Michael Palin med fantasy-tema.

Natur & Kultur publicerade boken 1987 där 7 hologram är inlemmade i spännande illustrationer. Dom tredimensionella foliehologrammen av Light Fantastic England har värmepräglats på sidorna och sticker verkligen ut med motivet som ser ut att röra på sig.

En av dom första böckerna i världen med regnbågshologram. Pärmen är i laminerad hård kartong 21×28 cm och har 32 estetiska sidor.

Salaman en gammal gubbe i rummet

Mary o Paul med Salaman

Paul flyr upp för trappan

Pojke i spegeln

Paul virvlar genom luften

Läs vad BilderBöcker skrev Hologram borrar hisnande hål Spegelsten Natur & Kultur

Boken är oläst, aldrig använd men har en liten skada på omslaget av tejpen med informationsskylten (låg i en glasbox i Hologram Gallery utställningen). Pris 200:- inklusive porto.

04 maj

Mona & Monica Name Day May 4

Name Day in Sweden May 4 – Mona & Monica

A catch of roses on the Day of Naming arrived to Mona May 5 Photo Birgitta Andersson

A catch of roses to all Monica & Mona Beautiful picture

Also to famous Mona Lisa and all relatives in Italy & England

Mona Lisa Reflection hologram on glass 30×40 cm framed 50×60 cm Artist Ken Harris SEK 10.000


And to the scientists who sent a Laser Picture of Mona Lisa to the Moon

Mona Lisa 1998 Photopolymer Film hologram 90×100 mm Framed 24×30 cm SEK 900 Original hologram Paul Richer. DuPont massproduction Doug Miller.  



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23 apr

Ghost Train haunting children & Gruesome Covid19 haunting us all

Ghost Train with Spooky Holograms – haunting children
Covid19 – a gruesome virus – haunting us all

Ghost Train book with with 6 Spooky holograms 250×250 mm 20 pages

Ghost Train come haunting with the gruesome ghostly trio

Silver Skeleton in various hologram sizes

Ghost Train with Grey Lady

Grey Lady appears in different holograms

Headless Hector in different hologram shapes

Headless Hector at Rawenswick Castle

Silver Skeleton hologram picture poppes up here and there

Grey Lady, Headless Hector and Silver Skeleton into the tunnel

The Train clanked into a dark tunnel with the trio


17 apr

A World in Covid19 quarantine

When the first big outbreak of Covid19 occured in Europe -Italy, my thoughts went to friends there. A horrific situation in the whole country and my favorite city, Rome

The thoughts also went to professor Daniele Fargion who arranged the first hologram exhibition in Italy, Olografia with seminar in Rome 1979. Mona Forsberg (Lasergruppen Holovision) was invited by the Swedish Arts Council to participate with several Swedish holograms.

Invitation Holofar Rome

Rome Holography seminar Holofar

Olografia di Roma Poster of Professor Dennis Gabor Nobelprize for Holography 1971

Tomorrow Artist photographer Åke Sandström Holographer Hans Bjelkhagen Olografia Rome, Italy Holofar

In the early age of holography, swimming pool was used for the hologram plates for development , fixing, bleaching in the back, here professor Daniele Fargion

In the early age of holography,,,
swimming pool for development , fixing, bleaching in the back

Tomorrow hologram What will become tomorrow after this horrific pandemic?

The whole World (almost) struggles to master Covid19, a surreal situation

In the early beginning of Hologram Museum/Gallery 1982  Drottninggatan Stockholm. Mona Forsberg and Björn Wahlberg in front of the poster from Rome, Holofar with Professor Dennis Gabor who recieved the Nobel Prize for Holography 1971

In quarantine time it´s nice to open the memory bank and relive positive memories, at least for me. If someone had said in 1982 – tomorrow will become a great success for Hologram Exhibitions with millions of visitors only in Scandinavia, Holography productions of Laser pictures, from Commercial to Art and mass production of foil-holograms as Security labels for daily used products – who had believed that?

Hoping – Tomorrow will bring out the best in us


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