04 mar

Theresa May Peppers Ghost

Theresa May Peppers Ghost, not “Hologram May” 

click here Hologram May leads a hopeless mission

Hopeless mission for sure – since Theresa May is not a hologram! Hopeless mission with the help of a projected film in 2D, Peppers Ghost, that´s a question. But, that May leads a hopeless mission as a hologram, that´s however for sure. A video projection of May has nothing to do with the laser technique holography, producing 3D holograms.

A hopeless mission for the holography industry too, trying to inform Press/Media that projection techniques are just projections, computer animated films using video (videos) to project the film in 2D. The holography scientists have tried for years to stop the false marketing but it´s like “mission impossible” as long as Press/Media ignore the facts.

Theresa May is not the only politician trying to reach out with video projected film, Peppers Ghost. Jean Luc Melenchon tried to reach out with his political messige as Peppers Ghost. Did he succeed? One who definitely did, Emanuelle Macron, without Peppers Ghost trick,,,


Technical Editor Michael Nunez has written an interesting article for GIZModo with correct information about Hologram and Holography. And the misuse by companies selling different projection techniques with false marketing as hologram. Read Nunez article here https://hologram.se/jean-luc-melenchons-peppers-ghost-trick/

Photo GIZModo eazohiammrxealvcgi4u.jpgimage AP

Click at the link and read the blogg https://hologram.se/jean-luc-melenchons-peppers-ghost-trick/


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