30 nov

The Hologram Bible

The Hologram Bible

The world of God on a beam of Light by Frank DeFreitas www.holoworld.com

Not just a 3D image of the Bible, but the entire KJV Bible stored in a hologram the size of a snowflake, Frank DeFreitas

Thank you Frank for this fantastic video!

Here is one example of all interesting information you will find at www.holoworld.com

NANO-BIBLE: It measures just 4.76mm on each side. Each silicon wafer chip contains all 27 books of the New Testament. Each letter has a width of about 0.18 microns (18 millionths of a meter), so an eight-inch (20.3cm) wafer can apparently contain more than 1,000 Bibles. Created utilizing a focused ion beam. The writing is so small that a microscope with a magnification of 10,000x is needed to read the text. God Bless You — Today and Every Day!

This is something for all – the innovation of Holography is described with pictures, holograms and text. But you need a good time to click at the different links.

Imagine if Press/Media had read only a size of a “snowflake” from this genuin material from Holoworld.

Imagine that searching for Holograms at internet would give 100% Hologram Result! Instead as it is today, 70% Fake Holograms!


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