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Holograms of Innovations & Patents

Calender 1997 with Holograms of Innovations
June, July and August

1997  Crown Roll Leaf. Inc. Calender 30×46 cm Embossed hologram 15×15 cm

Crown Roll Leaf. Inc produced a very nice Calender 1997 with several important Patents & Innovations by using embossed holography. The Calender is in a perfect condition since it has never been exposed at any of our Hologram Exhibtions.

Here you can see two historical events in June 1894, July 1962 and August 1958

An automobile patent was issued by Karl Benzon June 26, 1894

The first communications satellite (Telstar 1) was launched on July 10, 1962

The first atomic submarine (Nautilus) to cross the North pole took place on August 5, 1958


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