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International Hologram Symposium

International Hologram Symposium 

International Hologram Symposium – ISDH in Portugal 2018. The International Symposium on Display Holography was originated by Professor Tung H. Jeong in 1982 at Lake Forest College in Illinois, USA. Tung Jeong died just before ISDH in Sankt Petersburg 2015.

One of Tung H. Jeongs pupils is the famous author Dave Eggers. Eggers wrote the interesting book, A Hologram for the King. Click here https://hologram.se/a-hologram-for-the-king/

International Symposium on Display Holography

ISDH is an unique event. It is not like any other scientific conference. Rather, it is one that synthesizes history, education, art and science. Also economic developments that involve holography. A unique purpose of ISDH,is the exchange of information on display holography. (ISDH) https://www.facebook.com/isdh2018/

I´m invited to present the work of Hologram Gallery & HoloMedia AB. But unfortunately I have other committments. The 11th International Symposium on DISPLAY HOLOGRAPHY will take place at University of Aveiro. You can bring your golf clubs, as professor Hans Bjelkhagen said several times.

This is a very good opportunity for YOU working within Press/Media! Editors, journalists, freelance writers, artists and photographers. You will here learn about the media HOLOGRAPHY and HOLOGRAM. Today misused words and app. 70% “hologram” at internet is NOT hologram. 

Jonathan Ross Collection will be exposed and shows a wide range of REAL holograms. All produced with laser light (Nobelprize 1964) and holography (Nobelprize 1971). And a symposium in memory of José Mariano Gago Portugal, Tung H.  Jeong and Margaret Benyon. Click here to see some of Margarets amazing hologram portraits. Click here https://hologram.se/hologram-sminkade-kvinnor/

Golf Copyright Flying 3D Artist Adrian Lines
Hologram 10×12 cm, framed 24×30 cm 600:- SEK

I will miss not only an interesting Holography Symposium. But also the Golf Club in Aveiro, Venice of Portugal. Remember Flying 3D a 30×40 cm, double exposed reflection hologram by artist/holographer Adrian Lines. Adrian managed to produce many interesting holograms during his short time working with laserlight. He died only 24 years old in an accident. This hologram Golf, is a smaller version of Flying 3D. We sold many Flying 3D not only to the Swedish Insurance Company Trygg Hansa. As a sponsor of golf tournaments they used this hologram as a golf prize.

Press/Media, don´t miss this opportunity!

REAL Holograms by Holography experts are waiting for you!


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