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Pure holography True holograms

Pure Holography True Holograms

THANK YOU Iñaki Beguiristain and John Brown for the INVITATION!

The exhibition will consist of a display of  multicolour and single colour 3D holograms by the artist Iñaki Beguiristain, together with an educational area with an optical table and laser to illustrate the equipment needed to make hologram and to provide an insight into the process whereby science is used to make art.


 Artist Iñaki Beguiristain – holography laboratory


I’ve gone back to the past and have become the organiser of PURE HOLOGRAPHY with the intention of bringing pure holograms to a new audience. John Brown with a laserportrait.

Started and sold (in 1978) the first major European based rock and roll touring production company, with everybody from ABBA to Led Zeppelin as clients. Went on to make investments in a Chocolate Chip Cookie business, Mexican Food, Commercial Vehicle Accessories, Laser Entertainment Systems and Holography.

Winking Eye

Holography proved to have the most potential. Worked with a great team of people over the years to build Light Impressions International into a significant niche player in brand protection, particularly in China, before selling to OpSec plc in 2008. Foto Mona Forsberg

Winking Eye closed

 Winking Eye, Light Impressions Foto Mona Forsberg


Globe Light Impressions Foto Mona Forsberg


Skull Light Impressions Foto Mona Forsberg

Skull 2

Stockimages now sold as vintage holograms at internet or at info@hologram.se

HoloMedia/Hologram Gallery distributed large volumes of embossed holograms to companies as eye-catch, for broschures/catalogues and for Museum-/Tourist shops.


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