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Hologram Kit

Hologram Kit

Hologram Kit – Produce own holograms. Go to the video Kickstarter and check out how it´s possible.


The difference between the object and the hologram is so subtle.  Photo Litiholo

Kickstarter video watch this and support Litiholo.

How to Make Holograms

Full-color hologram kit. The Litiholo Full-Color Hologram Kit is finally officially here. This has been a long process, but it has turned out far better as a result. We now have a great source for the green and blue lasers, adding to the reliable holographic-quality red lasers that have made our regular Hologram Kit so successful. 

In addition, we designed a new color combining optical path for the full-color reflection hologram set-up that is very effective, but keeps the hologram-making process simple, even for full-color holograms.  And last but not least, we’ve added a full step-by-step Owner’s Manual for making both transmission and reflection full-color holograms. Litiholo

Hologram Kit

Full-color hologram kit Photo Litiholo

The Full-Color Hologram Kit has everything you need to make your own full-color holograms for $329. That includes Red, Green, and Blue holographic-quality laser systems, high-quality color combining optics, and our full-color sensitive Litiholo “Instant Hologram” Film (20 plates).

If you already have our standard Hologram Kit, you can upgrade to making full-color holograms with our Full-Color Hologram Upgrade Kit for $229.

Thank you for being part of the hologram community.  I think you are going to really enjoy making your own full-color holograms. Paul Litiholo


(The holograms HoloMedia have are converted to a new hologram so it can be visible in white light. With the Hologram Kit you produce holograms visible in laser light). Photo Litiholo

Not only a hologram kit for production of laser transmission holograms but they are also in full colour! 

This is cool – he says at the video. Check for yourself! 

The same way to produce holograms since our holography courses at Hologram Gallery Stockholm 1982 – 1995 with a big difference that today you can have full colour holograms. At our courses we mostly produced reflection holograms visible in white light. Check this video for a short lesson how to produce a full colour hologram.

For more information got to Litiholo here http://www.litiholographics.com/index.html

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