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Virtual Museum of Holography VMOH

Virtual Museum of Holography VMOH


A Historic event will take place next week Tuesday May 11 with Holography Pioneers. The practise session on May 7, 2021 went very well, Linda Law Executive Director of the HoloCenter www.holocenter.org


Image of four holograms by artists Margaret Benyon, Rudie Berkhout; Ana Maria Nicholson and Dan Schwitzer


Holography Session May 11,2021 https://vmoholo.org




Linda Law is the Founder of the Virtual Museum of Holography https://vmoholo.org/This is their first iteration of the website. More material to come when the fundraising campaign begins. Don´t miss this opportunity!

Thank you Linda for the interesting information! Best wishes for the future of Holography Seminars and the Hologram Exhibitions at HoloCenter. This is unfortunately the only thing I can do for the moment. Hoping it helps a little.



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