25 nov

Holography Conference

Holography Conference

Holography Conference – 25 th annual  in Istanbul with 120 attendees from 27 countries


Delegates representing over 75 companies.  All aspects of diverse industry – including surface relief hologram producers, converters, display hologram producers, hologram originators, equipment and consumables suppliers.

* Security Holograms

* Development in Hologram Production

* Innovations in Hologram Application

* Future for the Hologram Industry

QR codes Mass Production of fylly Serialised Holograms

QR Codes and Massproduction of fully serialised Holograms

As a cabin-crew I really enjoyed every stop at Hilton Istanbul, where one can admire Bosphorus and the lush garden surrounding the hotel. Will miss this interesting hologram conference on the flight to Spain and lazy weeks.


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