12 jul

Bill Nye Holograms

Holograms are fully threedimensional UNLIKE all projections which are 2-dimensional as Peppers Ghost!

Watch YouTube Bill Nye explains what a hologram is  by Rafi Schwartz


Bill Nye explains how a hologram is made – TRUE Holograms (Nobelprized Lasertechnique Holography)

 Peppers Ghost – a projection technique (not hologram)

Bill Nye mention princess Leia from Star Wars – which of course isn´t  a hologram. Leia is a projection, an old technique from 1700 called Peppers Ghost. CNET Anthony Domanico, wrote May 2, 2015: Nye explains what holograms are, how they’re made and why we don’t yet have fully three-dimensional holograms,,,


BUT we have fully threedimensional holograms since 1971 when Dennis Gabor was awarded with the Nobelprize for the lasertechnique holography. Photo Wikipedia 

ABBA-projicering     ABBA gruppen – Peppers Ghost projection technique Photo Mona Forsberg


       Hair – lenticular print

Wikipedia about Holography: Holography should not be confused with lenticular and other earlier autostereoscopic 3D display technologies, which can produce superficially similar results but are based on conventional lens imaging. Stage illusions such as Pepper’s Ghost and other unusual, baffling, or seemingly magical images are also often carelessly called holograms.  


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