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HOLOCENTER Light Art Holograms


Holocenter Light Art Holograms

Light Art Holograms at the HoloCenter produced with laser light. Holographic memories and explorations of optical dynamics come to the HoloCenter for ‘Artist Photonics’. Shaping, twisting, and splitting light, artists create work where the photons are the medium.  Imagery is carved by luminance, color and space hold form. Video and text HoloCenter

Artists: Elisa Balmaceda · Lorraine Beaulieu · Iñaki Berguiristan · Michael Bleyenberg · Patrick Boyd · Max Clarke · Dafydd Dale-Jones · Rose DeSiano · Guillermo Federico Heinze · Juyong Lee · Kacie Lees ·  Gerald Marks · Waldemar Mattis-Teutsch · Sam Moree · August Muth · Ana Maria Nicholson · Ray Park · John Perry · Pete Rogina  · Kathleen Ruiz · Kat Ryals · Julius Schmiedel · Dan Schweitzer  · Mathew Schreiber with Daniel Newman · Steve Weinstock · curated by Martina Mrongovius Photo HoloCenter

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Holocenter Grosvenor Island celebrated the International Day of Light 16 May. The goals of Unesco: education, equality and peace. Read more click here https://en.unesco.org/events/international-day-light



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