22 jan

Art & Science Hermitage Museum St Petersburg

Art & Science Holographic OptoClones & Digital Holography

Art & Science Holographic OptoClones & Digital Holography. Conference with a seminar Museum Documentation, Holographic OptoClones & Digital Holography.

The aim is to via a serial of seminars explore the interaction of Science & the Art in the modern world. Dr Hans Bjelkhagen held the seminar at the Hermitage Museum in December 2016. 

Read the article here HERMITAGE event.eml 2HN_Jan_17

Read more here about the cooperation organising the serial of seminars starting November 2016 and will finish in June 2017  http://hermitage.ifmo.ru/artscienceeng 

Colour hologram Bejeweled Fish Hans Bjelkhagen

Colour hologram Bejeweled Fish Hans Bjelkhagen


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