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ÉLAN PRÉVITAL hologram Hans Weil Alvaron

Élan Prévital Hologram of a sculpture by Hans Weil Alvaron

The artpiece Élan Prévital Hologram seems to be in front of the glass plate´s surface. A pseudoscopic plaster sculpture was created by Hans Weil. It was recorded as a Denisyuk reflection hologram with the emulsion side facing the reference beam.

When on display, the hologram is turned around so that the image appears in front of the plate. The hologram comes with a poem by Hans Weil Alvaron.

Elan Prevital

ÉLAN PRÉVITAL                                         

No doubt it’s the Sun who is                                       
To be blamed for it all                                                  
Nobody ever called him forth                                   
To his rolling spot in                                                    
The Midst of the World      

The atoms were still a new breed                          
And the planets glowing brains                              
Where the Dream was germinating                     
Pouring through the birth agonies                                                                 

Out of its cradle of heat                                              
the dream flared up into other forms                 
that were not at home in flames:                          
tender forms but carried forth by a secret sign 
that would bestow them with power
to withstand the menace of
nothingness : Dream
mirroring the unforeseeable
appointed daybreak
biding the flower of multiplicity
as beyond an endless bridge
over the dark ocean of Time –
Élan Vital

Elan Prevital

Élan Prévital (1981) Limited edition signed by the artist Hans Weil-Alvaron. Silver halide on glass size 12” x 16” (30 x 40 cm) 10.000Sek. OBS hologrammet är delat – hela bilden syns utanför glasfilmen trots att det är ca 1 cm mellan de två delarna!

Hologram Pioneer artist Hans Weil-Alvaron with Dr Hans Bjelkhagen and Mona Forsberg at the opening of Hologram Museum/Gallery Drottninggatan Stockholm 1982.

The first hologram exhibition opened 1980 at AV Huset Hagagatan Stockholm. It moved 1982 to Drottninggatan and became the 4th permanent hologram exhibition with entrance fee. New York, London, Paris and now Stockholm.

Holos Gallery opened by Gary Zellerbach 1979 in San Fransisco for the purpose of displaying and selling holographic art.



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