23 mar

Google Hologram Seminar

Google Hologram Seminar

Google Hologram Seminar – Ultra-Realistic Imaging, colour holography.


Sergey Brin Google co-founder Prof.Hans Bjelkhafen

Professor Hans Bjelkhagen with Sergey Brin, in Mountain View, California. where Google have 250 buildings with 100.000 employees. Sergey Brin, born in Russia, came to USA as a young boy and co-founded Google 1998. Today Sergey Brin directs special projects and came to see the colour holograms together with his little sun. Holographer Hans Bjelkhagen, is working there on a two-week project.

Ultra Realistic Imaging Hans Bjelkhagen David Brotherton-Ratcliffe

The book by Hans Bjelkhagen and David Brotherton-Ratcliffe. Order by Hansholo
Bejeweled Fish Hans Bjelkhagen

Bejeweled Fish by Hans Bjelkhagen So realistic hologram, difficult to decide what is the jewel and what is the hologram.


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