06 jan

Winter & Climate change

Winter & Climate changes 

Longed for a winter and a white Christmas as it used to be!

Jul i Trosa

 But all we had were dark and dirty streets Photo Mona Forsberg


Only for a few days snow lighted up more than all Christmas lights. Until today – snow! Photo Mona Forsberg

Sälen 5 april 2014 2

Not enough for downhill skiing, as here. Hoping it´s a lot of snow when we arrive, soon. Photo Mona Forsberg

Sälen 7 april 2014

Tradition is at least one visit here per season, nowadays avoiding the black pists. Photo Mona Forsberg

Snow where it shouldn´t be – in Arizona desert. Climate change due to global cooling or global warming? That´s the question if one read below.

It is true, as the Times noted, that the Earth’s climate was changing around 1,200 B.C. Then again, the Earth’s climate is always changing. What was remarkable about the climate in 1,200 B.C., however, is the Earth’s climate was becoming cooler rather than warmer. Photo & qoute from TruNews

Read http://www.trunews.com/global-cooling-global-warming-doomed-ancients/#W0Tdbxj0WjpucBU7.99



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