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Hologram Postage Stamp Collection

Hologram Postage Stamp Collection

Hologram Postage Stamp Collection for sale at SPINK in London on 25 and 26 November 2015

PLEASE NOTE to register to bid: Go to www.spink.com

Holography and Filately

The hologram stamp collection is described in the book Holography and Philately by H.J.Bjelkhagen ISBN 978-1-4931-3049-8

Hologram Stamp Chinese Colelction

List of Hologram Stamp Collection_LOT_608_SPINK_25_Nov.2015

SPINK Lot No.608 (China 50th Anniversary of the Peoples Republic – two albums). To be sold on 25 November 2015

Hologram Stamp Chinese Collection 4

Hologram Stamp Chinese Collection 3

Hologram Stamp Chinese Collection

List of Hologram Stamp Collection_LOT 1908_SPINK 26 Nov. 2015List of Hologram Stamp List of Hologram Stamp  (The main collection in nine albums)

List of Hologram Stamp Collection_LOT_1903_SPINK_26 Nov.201 (The special collection of the most rare and valuable items including erros and missing or misplaced holograms on stamps)

Hologram Stamp Collection 1

Hologram Stamp Collection 3

Hologram Stamp Collection 8

Hologram Stamp Collection 11

Hologram Stamp Collection 12

Hologram Stamp Collection 13 Hologram Stamp Collection 15Hologram Stamp Colelction 14

Källa och bilder professor Hans Bjelkhagen


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