14 aug

Self Portrait of the Artist as a Dead Man

Where is the Portrait of a Dead Man today?

Self Portrait of a Dead Man by Adrian Lines 25 pcs reflection holograms in a mahogony coffin It has been labelled ghoulish and Frankenstinian,,,

Some years ago I met Adrian Lines Swedish penfriend! Since then we have talked a lot about this amazing young artist a holograhy pioneer. Adrians female penfriend has shared many stories, letters and photos both from his visit in Sweden and when she visited his family in England.

She might be the only one having seen one of the above 25 holograms – the head – exposed in a kitchen! Adrian Lines also visited Hologram Museum/Gallery in Stockholm and we sold many of his interesting holograms, Mirror Man, Flying 3D e.g.

What has happened with Self Portrait of a Dead Man? And The Adrian Lines Trust founder Roy Myers?

The Adrian Lines Trust

Adrian Lines Light Dimensions 1983

Adrian Lines 1983 Light Dimensions Editors Eve Ritscher, John Reilly, Janet Lambe, Roy MacArthur


Adrian Lines 1960-1985


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