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Billie Holiday Pepper´s Ghost

Billie Holiday Pepper´s Ghost

Billie Holiday will appear at the Apollo Theater as a projected film, Pepper´s Ghost! At least 20 articles from Press/Media describe this as hologram – but it´s a 2D video projection technique. When will they ever learn?

Billie Holiday might come back to the Apollo Theater where she performed many times. Now with the help from an old illusion technique, Peppers Ghost! Not as a hologram. Photo William Gottlieb via the Apollo Theater

Whitney Houston might turn up as Peppers Ghost! The same illusion technique, video projection as of other dead artists, Michael Jackson, Tupac and others. Photo M.J.Terril

Pepper’s Ghost – Wikipedia Peppers Ghost Wikipedia Smart or stupid trick to call Julian Assagnes Peppers Ghost interview for hologram!? False marketing a new profitable nisch.

Peppers Ghost production see how the illusion is built up without anything to do with the threedimensional laser pictures, holograms and the technique holography! To market Pepper´s Ghost as hologram is nonsense, as nonsense at the bookmark from a recent visit at Gustaf Fröding Museum, a Swedish poet 1860 – 1911.


Nonsense is nonsense and snuff is snuff *) even if in golden cans, but roses in a cracked jug is still always roses.    *)Swedish type of moist of tobacco                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

HologramUSA claim that Holiday and Houston will turn up as holograms. Watch how the Press/Media is helping them with false marketing! Not only of these artists but also of many other persons, dead or alive:

Aftonbladet/Aftonbladet again/Corren/CNN/Daily Herald/Discover Magazine/Digital Trends/Financial Times/ Good Morning America/C Net/New York Time/Vanity Fair/The Guardian/The Washington Post/The Wall Street Journal/Uppsala Nyheter/Svenska Dagbladet/Sydsvenska Dagbladet/Västebotten Kuriren/

Peppers Ghost projection, a film of Hilary Clinton. Picture Washington Post

Holography learn more at Wikipedia    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holography

Holography should not be confused with lenticular  autostereoscopic  based on conventional lens imaging. Stage illusions such as Pepper’s Ghost are also often incorrectly called holograms.


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