29 jun

Marketing Holography via Exhibitions

The Nordic Advertising Market in Stockholm
Yearly event for HoloMedia was a great success

The Nordic Advertising Market Stockholm (Nordisk Reklammarknad) was an important event for HoloMedia during many years. And a complement to our Show-Room at Hologram Gallery Drottninggatan 100, Stockholm

We had to market the innovation Holography by exposing the new media, 3Dimensional pictures, Holograms via different exhibitions for wholesalers, distributors and tourists. No photo technique could give justice (still not)  to the depth nor the full parallax in these 3Dimensional laser-pictures. Hundreds of Hologram Exhibitions led to many customers for HoloMedia AB, some of them here Referenser-Företag


The light source for display holograms was no big deal

Partly thanks to IKEA! The launching of halogen spotlights for homes was a success not only for them but for us. The private buyers of a framed hologram already had the light source. To others we included the spotlight or specially produced for some of the companies above!

IKEA sponsored us at the World Trade Center with their smart halogen spotlights for the 30 Art Holograms

Hologram Exhibition 30 Art Holograms World Trade Center

Hologram Exhibition at World Trade Center Stockholm HoloMedia AB Mona Forsberg docx

Embossed Holograms from Commercial to Security – most ot them from Amblehurst, De La Rue

Custom made embossed holograms and stock images large volumes from ABN American Banknote Comp, Cablebookt Ltd, Amblehurst Ltd, De La Rue, Crown Roll, Applied Holographics, Toppan Printing, Light Impression Ltd etc.

Security hologram Jonnie Walker De La Rue

HoloMedia Hologram Agent with many customers especially custom made holograms

Stockholm Water Festival sticker 70×70 mm in a cellofan bag

Hologram Hot Stuff  One of HoloMedia´s custom made works Stockholm Water Festival symbol by famous artist Lasse Åberg https://hologram.se/stockholm-borde-ha-egen-symbol/

SAAB, Sparbanken and The hologram The Dynamics of Flygt who used the hologram 2 years

Foil holograms from Commercial to Security – self adhesive labels or hot foiled holograms

Some of all Hologram Customers. Here Crown from Crown Roll

Security holograms

The Nordic Advertising Market (NRM Nordisk Reklammarknad) Stockholm where  HoloMedia exposed Art holograms too. We recieved many requests from Art Associations  (a Swedish phenomenon) The Companies bought holograms which the employees could win. We had regular bookings of groups from the Art Associations at Hologram Museum/Gallery.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                


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