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Circus Hologram Not Fine

Circus “Hologram” Not Fine. But CIRCUS FINEMANG (FINE) by ABBA Benny Anderssons orchestra BAO is really FINE!

Problem with the video, try here BAO Benny Anderssons Orkester Cirkus Finemang

Join the Hologram Protest against the Hologram Circus with the tunes from Circus Finemang! Video Hans Björeman


More then 6.000 people enjoyed the evening with BAO for 4 hours in the harbor of Trosa. As many as the holography experts in the world?! Photo Mona Forsberg

Ronald.jpg McDonald hologram

The Hologram Circus has  no holograms as this hologram portrait of the famous Ronald Mc Donald, by professor, holographer Hans Bjelkhagen. Picture of the reflection hologram on it´s way. Photo H.Bjelkhagen

Market research  companies produces expensive reports based on companies false marketing about holograms, ignoring information from experts regarding their report: Global Semi-Transparent Holographic Display Market by Product, by Application& by Region – Trends & Forecast (2014 –  2019)


Hologram Protest from one of the leading holography experts: 

You should understand the technology when you present companies involved in different 2D and 3D techniques. When you prepare such an expensive Market Research Report you should be very accurate and not mix holographic and non-holographic applications. I understand that journalists may not have that knowledge, but you should be educated in the field when you prepare a report. A lot of what is described as “holograms” or “holographic” today has nothing to do with holography.

Research and Markets: The remaining set of companies that is, Musion Das Hologram Ltd. and Provision Holdings provides 3D holographic display technology, and as per our value chain for the report “ Semi-Transparent Holographic Display Markets” we try to cover all the companies fall under the value chain, and it is not necessary that only the companies providing the products have to be covered. As per our research both (Musion Das Hologram Ltd. and Provision Holdings) are among the prominent technology providers.

Hologram Protest: These companies have no holographic technology involved. It is also wrong to claim it is 3D when they only project 2D images! Read more Protest Marketing Report

ABBA The Museum Stockholm This is Peppers Ghost, a modernized computer generated video projection technique. though Musion sold it as a “Hologram” Photo Mona Forsberg

At Musion webpage one could read false information, that they had produced a “Hologram” for ABBA the Museum. A Hologram Protest resulted in an urgent request from ABBA the Museum to remove the false reference about ABBA projection film, which is Peppers Ghost 2D projection. No wonder that Sky News, BBC, CNN and the Press is using the word hologram, holographic and 3D since the company is marketing the projection technique as holograms, holographic, 3D etc. Peppers Ghost technique has nothing to do with the Nobelprized Lasertechnique Holography. Musion have joined HologramUSA – producing Peppers Ghost NOT holograms – so the Hologram Circus expands.


Photo Mona Forsberg

Read what another holography expert says: These reports aren´t worth the paper they´re printed on! Companies like this one, and there are 3 or 4 of them, don´t understand the technology, the product or the market, so they interview people who they think should understand these things. But then fail to properly record or comprehend what they are being told. The result is inevitably exhorbitant and extravant claims for market size, and lists of companies that doesnt mean a thing (whether or not it´s got that swing!), where they often include irrelevant or closed companies.

            The Hologram Circus continues – join the Hologram Protest – no more faked holograms!


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