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Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd Hologram Pioneer

IN HONOUR OF Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd 

 One of the first artists in the world using Laser & Holography. 

Known for his sculpture, Non-Violence, an idea Carl Fredrik developed to mark the tragic event, the murder of John Lennon, December 1980.

Hologram CFR

In 1986 I involved Carl Fredrik in a project with a Swedish daily paper using embossed holograms at the front cover. His model builder in Italy made a model of a gun with a knot in scale 1:1. The holographer Laurence Holding produced the hologram master and the shim, which were used for the embossing tool, and so on in the long production process before ICA Förlaget, Västerås Sweden applied 325.000 self adhesive holograms at the daily papers. A really tuff pioneer job for all of us!

Read here Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd SPIE articel Hans Bjelkhagen

Copyright http://spie.org/spieprofessional Photos Hans Bjelkhagen


The January 20, 1963, New York Herald Tribune advert.

Kilroy installed in the LHAB lab

Kilroy installed in the Lasergruppen Holovision AB laboratory, Stockholm.

Carl Fredrik inspecting

Carl Fredrik inspecting the recorded Kilroy hologram

Carl Fredrik Hans Bjelkjagen

Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd and Hans Bjelkhagen with the Gabor cake. Photo Walter Hirsch

Carl Fredrik lighting

Carl Fredrik lighting the candles in the recording setup.

Smoke without Fire

Smoke Without Fire transmission hologram.

Fingerlanguage1 Fingerlanguage2Fingerlanguage3 Fingerlanguage4

The four Finger Language reflection holograms.

Kilroys Heart

Kilroy’s Heart reflection hologram.


Salvador Dalí and Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd in Paris. Photo Lissack

Carl Fredrik Cross

Carl Fedrik seen through the hologram holder. Photo Hans BjelkhagenCross Reference hologram

Cross Reference reflection hologram. C for Carl and R for Reuterswärd. Inspired by his friend Salvador Dali?

Carl Fredrik sign

Carl Fredrik signing the glass holograms using a dentist’s drill.

Carl Fredrik signing

The signed glass plate.



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