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Holograms Farewell

Holograms Farewell Extravaganza 

April 11 at the Clock Tower of Long Island City 



HOLOCENTER celebrated before leaving the extraordinary location at The Clock Tower New York with holograms, music, projections, performers, interactive installations, food and drinks.

untitled.pngTce Clock Tower

Visitors could step into the vault one last time and enter the ephemeral World of Holographc Art. This gorgeous 1926 art deco bank building, now sold, was the tallest building in Queens for over sixty years.

Light Painting Pete Rogina

LIGHT PAINTING artist Pete Rogina


DESCENT PULSED LIGHT artist Sally Weber.

Using a three-dimensional, holographic technique called interferometry, a pulsed laser recorded minute changes in movement as alternating bands of light and dark captured in two exposures 1 millionth of a second apart.


PINNACLE This installation explores the relationship between the physiology of matter and the depth of mind. Inspired by the Sumerian legend, Inanna’s Descent to the Underworld  Artist Sally Weber

If these patterns are constant but unseen, how many other layers of body and mind are hidden from us? Artist Sally Weber, one of many holography artists who exhibited at Holocenter.

Holocenter at The Clock Tower, Best Mind Trip – New York Magazine!


Researches from Cardiff University have taken pictures of acoustic instruments using holographic interferometry to see which part vibrate most.


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