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Sports Illustrated Hologram of Michael Jordan

Sports Illustrated hologram of Michael Jordan

SPORTS ILLUSTRATED had a real hologram on the cover of the December 23, 1991, issue of MICHAEL JORDAN 

Hologram Michael Jordan Sports Illustrated Embossed hologram  Photo H.Bjelkhagen

Hologram Michael Jordan Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year  Photo H. Bjelkhagen

Take a look at this from SPORTS ILLUSTRATED published June 15, 2017

Click here https://www.si.com/tech-media/2017/06/15/hologram-technology-nfl-tully-banta-cain

Hologram Technology in NFL. Will hologram of Tom Brady be the next NFL innovation? Connor Grossmann is referring  to former NFL player Tally Banta-Cain: hologram technology is coming to pro sports sooner than you can think. Connor Grossmann should have thought – what is he talking about? And checked what a hologram is before spreading false information.

Read the reaction from a hologram expert, Dr Hans Bjelkhagen with over 40 years experience of holography and holograms!

I want to point out that what Connor Grossman is describing HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH HOLOGRAMS. What is referred to is a modern version of the Pepper’s Ghost projection technique. This technique IS NOT EVEN 3D, only a 2D image is projected on a transparent screen.

I would like to add some figures to explain how it works if I could add a file to this message. If Mr. Grossman will respond to me, I want to send him the drawings.

By the way, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED had a real hologram on the cover of the December 23, 1991, issue of MICHAEL JORDAN (Sportsman of the Year). Mr. Grossman should take a look at it so that he knows what a hologram looks like. Please, don’t publish things that are not true, we have enough of “alternative facts” in media nowadays

Click at this link and read about Dr. Hans Bjelkhagen, holography expert http://holowiki.org/wiki/Hans_Bjelkhagen

Click here to understand what Connor Grossmann is talking about  https://hologram.se/peppers-ghost/


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