26 nov

PhotonicSweden Awards

PhotonicSweden Awards A hologram

PhotonicSweden Awards to Airborne Hydrography AB (AHAB) awarded Best Optics and Photonics Company

Annually, renowned organization PhotonicSweden awards a prize for the best company in optics and photonics of the year, in terms of both business and technological advancement.

PhotonicSweden, The Swedish Technology Platform in Optics and Photonics www.photonicsweden.com 


HawkEye III Laserbased instrument in an aircraft fire laserpulses More at www.airbornehydrography.com 

The jurys motivation: Airborne Hydrography AB (AHAB)  is a Swedish company with cutting edge technology within the field of photonics, that develops and markets airborne measurement system based on LIDAR technology. Here with the award Invisible Man, a reflection hologram on glass.

Lightman Ken Harris
Invisible Man artist/holographer Ken Harris laserlight reflection hologram on glass 20×25 cm, framed 40×50 cm metal frame, 12.000 SEK
The hologram Invisible Man as a laserpulse – invisible!

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