25 jan

Margaret Benyon Holography Artist is dead

Margaret Benyon, Holography Pioneer with fantastic Holograms

Margaret Benyon Holography Artist is dead. Holography Pioneer with fantastic Holograms

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Margaret Benyon

What a great loss in the Art Holography World! An artist with outstanding holography artist is no longer here.

Margaret Benyon 2

She was a true Holography Pioneer. Starting producing holograms even before the inventor Dr Dennis Gabor recieved the Nobelprize 1971 for holography. She studied traditional art and came across holography when she was working with interference patterns.

Margaret Benyon 4

Margaret Benyon brought holography from the scientists laboratory into the art world. She had her first exhibition 1969 at the Nottingham University Art Gallery.


Margaret was the first artist in UK to make hologram herself and from 1983 in her own holography studio.

Margaret Benyon 36

HoloMedia have some holograms from Margaret Benyon as e.g. Tigirl signed Nr 8/50 reflection hologram on glass 30×40 cm with silver metall frame 50×60 cm. SOLD

TIGIRL Artist Margaret Benyon Reflection hologram on glass-film 1985 Signed 8/50 SOLD

Margaret Benyon 15

Margaret used gouche under-painting portraits produced with a ruby laser (pulsed laser).

Margaret Benyon 14

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