13 mar

Connect: ID


Supported by Reconnaissance International Holography

The effective use of identity technologies is crucial to enhance security, productivity, and convenience in today’s increasingly connected world.

Over 300 conference attendees  Over 40 expert presenters  50 exhibitors, and countless exhibition visitors from all corners of the globe. Government, commercial and consumer markets are in search of answers to the growing challenges associated with securing human identity in a privacy-sensitive manner. connect:ID will explore these real world requirements in an engaging, thought-provoking and inclusive environment that brings together all the stakeholders under one roof.

 Identity is increasingly mobile, global and transactional. This international conference and associated expo, will address the challenges and opportunities emerging from these important trends.

The show focuses on a myriad of identity technology requirements in government, but it will also cover, in-depth, the bourgeoning need for effective identity solutions in the financial, healthcare and corporate sectors – as well as the consumer space, with the rise of the social network.

 Special focus on developing nations

Identity infrastructure is advancing at an impressive rate throughout many emerging economies, as many nations leapfrog traditional technologies and adopt sophisticated identity solutions. Despite the challenges, we are entering a decade of identity and innovation in countries such as Africa.


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