29 jul


Art Hologram – 3D & Hologram

Art Hologram – 3D & Hologram Artists are using laser light, sculpturing with the light waves.

PlanetClaire.jpg Rudie Berkhout transmission hologram

Planet Claire Rudie Berkhout Whitelight transmission Art hologram produced with laserlight Photo Holocenter

International Year of Light 2015

Works in celebration of the International Year of Light and Light-Based Technologies

Liquid Light Linda Law

Art Liquid Light by artist/holographer Linda Law

This alchemical experience is intended to open the viewer to the myriad of possiblities that surround us where we can each open into a deeper connection with the Nature, Linda Law.


 Tattoo Art using ink. Looks really 3D by Pelle Karlsson. A neighbour has this. But is it ART?  Photo Mona Forsberg

Vernissage C-J de Geer

Famous artist Carl – Johan de Geer, wall and car ART. The opening of his exhibition at Färgfabriken Stockholm Photo Mona Forsberg


Artist Ernst Billgren might have the answer in his book What is Art II? 100 very important questions


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