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Simple Holography: The Easiest Way To Make Holograms

Albert Einstein once stated, "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler."  We provide procedures to make holography as simple as physically possible, as well as safe, affordable, and more accessible.

How to Make Transmission Holograms

Making transmission holograms is really quite easy. With its unique characteristics and dazzling viewing options, transmission holograms are excellent choice for classroom demonstrations, in tandem with reflection holograms.

Step-by-Step Instructions for making holograms (in 8 languages)

Detailed step-by-step instructions available in eight languages for making holograms. Based on the instructions for our very popular Standard HOLOKIT set. (Espa˝ol, Deutsch, Franšais, and other languages)


Hologram Science Projects

Students looking for for experiments to do for science project or science fair will find this article helpful. This article briefly describes nine different hologram experiments you can do with simplest of supplies and equipment. 

Developing Your Holograms-- How to Use JD-2 and JD-4 Developers

These tutorials provide abbreviated instructions with helpful hints on how to develop your hologram using your JD-2 or JD-4 developer kits. Just add water to prepare the solutions, and then follow the step-by-step procedures to make great holograms.

How to Use Holographic Film

Using holographic film sheets to make holograms is more complex than using holographic plates because even the slightest bend or movement of the film can ruin your hologram. The good news is that there is a way to minimize movement by properly setting up a film holder.  

How to View Your First Hologram

If you can't see a holographic image the first time you process your exposed  film or plate, don't automatically think it's because you failed to make a hologram. It may be just the way you're viewing it.

Making Holograms with Standard Laboratory Equipment

This memo below is an addendum to the above article "Simple Holography". We describe how you can make reflection holograms using laboratory equipment available in many schools. 

Teaching Holography in Classrooms with PFG-03M and JD-4

This article is useful those interested in teaching holography workshops in classrooms as well as in makeshift locations such as museums, businesses, and homes. It also explains how to use PFG-03 plates and JD-4 developer.